Treasure hunt The pirate council - 6-7 years

In this treasure hunt for organising at a birthday party, Alunira's pirate chiefs are angry and accuse each other of having stolen the Council's treasure. Ready-to-print game for ages 6-7. 

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In this treasure hunt for organising at a birthday party, Alunira's pirate chiefs are angry and accuse each other of having stolen the Council's treasure.

Each year, Alunira's great pirate chiefs meet on Middle Island to pay their share into the Council's treasure trove. The grand ceremony is usually followed by a memorable party, lasting until the small hours. Unfortunately, this year the party has been ruined. At midnight, a pirate sneaked into the treasure trove and stole all the treasure!
The members of the Council have called an emergency meeting. They have decided that the heroes who manage to find the thief will be rewarded with a magnificent pirate certificate and a share of the treasure.
So, off you go!

The game can be played indoors or outdoors (garden, house, apartment...). It's up to you to decide where to hide the clues depending on where the detective mystery is being held. The game begins by reading the introduction to the children. From clue to clue, hiding place to hiding place, the children have to solve all the puzzles to solve the mystery. 
You want to use up a bit more of the children's energy, test their memory skills, see how discreet they can be? A series of (optional) challenges are provided which can be played in between certain clues and make the game even more fun!

Game language: English
Game format: treasure hunt
Average time to complete the game: 50 minutes
For children aged: 6-7 years
Audience: mixed, boys, girls
Number of players: can be played by two teams, unlimited number of players.

The documents are supplied in PDF format (20 pages approx.)
To be printed before starting the game: clues, initial history, organization sheets, certificates.

In the "Advice" section of our website, you will find all the information, tips and ideas you need to organize this ready-to-print game successfully.

You can download the game immediately after payment. You will receive an email explaining all the details. Please note that nothing is sent by post. All our games are documents in PDF format to print at home.

- Bruno: "It was great on all counts: easy to understand, interesting games and the possibility of extending the activities."
- Jessica: "They loved the game. I also enlarged and printed the faces of the two last pirates to make masks for the two adults! A guaranteed hoot!"
- Katia: "We liked the story, the difficulty level was suitable for the children's age and they understood the puzzles very well."
- Caroline: "The children quickly got into the game, the puzzles were varied and all the children were happy."
- Sébastien: "The children really liked it. I've already recommended your site several times!"
- Chris: "The price is very reasonable, the children had a lot of fun. The challenges are a good idea."
- Aurélie: I still haven't tried the game (given the weather, I'm postponing the event for a while), so I can't comment on the children's reaction. However, what I really liked was being able to choose our own challenges. The game is very well thought-out and very well structured but there's room for some flexibility so you can add a personal touch, and that's brilliant! Thanks also for the list of hiding places - there are some I'd never have thought of! I also really liked the checklist - very reassuring."
- Patricia: "Quick and easy to read, in spite of the children's different reading levels. I've already spread the word about your site."
- Victoria: "The children loved the game!"
- Chantal: "The game's really easy to organize thanks to the very practical organisation sheet. The children really liked it."
- Barbara: "The children really liked it and tore through it (the treasure hunt and the challenges took barely an hour)! They were really into the game. My daughter asked me for another treasure hunt for her next birthday. The whole thing was perfectly suited to their age group."

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