Elanie the Fairy - 5-6 years

In this fairy-themed treasure hunt, children must save Elanie the Fairy, who has been taken prisoner by the wicked witch Dokela. Version for 5-6 years.

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In this fairy-themed treasure hunt, children must save Elanie the Fairy, who has been taken prisoner by the wicked witch Dokela.

To thank them for their help, Elanie the Fairy offers the children a share of the fairy treasure at the end of the adventure. You could prepare a decorated box with packets of sweets inside, for example. More adventurous parents and the more creative among you could even make fairy magic wands, if you wish.

Hello! I'm Elanie the Fairy and I need your help. The wicked witch Dokela is holding me prisoner in her house. She's using my magic to carry out experiments on the poor little animals of Alunira Forest. In a few hours, I'll no longer have enough energy to live. 
I've dictated this letter to my friends the butterflies. I asked them to take it to the bravest people they know. 
I beg you, free the animals and then help me escape from my prison. In order to succeed, you will need to solve several puzzles. Hurry now!

The game can be played indoors or outdoors (garden, house, apartment...). It's up to you to decide where to hide the clues depending on where the detective mystery is being held. The game begins by reading the introduction to the children. From clue to clue, hiding place to hiding place, the children have to solve all the puzzles to solve the mystery. 
You want to use up a bit more of the children's energy, test their memory skills, see how discreet they can be? A series of (optional) challenges are provided which can be played in between certain clues and make the game even more fun!

Game language: English
Game format: adventure game, treasure hunt
Average time to complete the game: 40 minutes
For children aged: 5-6 years
Audience: mixed, girls
Number of players: can be played by two teams, unlimited number of players.

The documents are supplied in PDF format (20 pages approx.)
To be printed before starting the game: clues, initial history, organization sheets, certificates.

In the "Advice" section of our website, you will find all the information, tips and ideas you need to organize this ready-to-print game successfully.

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- Angélique: "The children loved the activity! The story was easy to understand and the puzzles were well thought-out! I organised it for my daughter's fifth birthday, so her friends were between 5 and 6. I didn't regret my choice."
- Marie-Aude: "The children liked it and had great fun at the birthday party. It's a nice story and the challenges are really fun. They livened up the story very well."
- Marie: "The children really liked it - the story was perfect and the puzzles suitable for children of that age. I did one of the challenges and they liked it a lot. Everything was perfect."
- Cécile: "The children loved it and really took to the game. I liked that the treasure hunt was all ready to go, with ideas for hiding places and challenges as well. I added challenges and activities in line with the theme and the game lasted 2 hours, which allowed me to keep the children occupied for a large part of the afternoon of the birthday party."
- Pauline: "The girls really took to the game. The puzzles are completely accessible for little five-year-old girls as well."

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