Mystery at the Museum - 7-8 years

‘Mystery at the Museum’ is our new ready-to-print detective mystery (7-8 years). It's a great activity if you're planning a birthday party at home. Or to play just for fun during the holidays.

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‘Mystery at the Museum’ is our new ready-to-print detective mystery (7-8 years). It's a great activity if you're planning a birthday party at home. Or to play just for fun during the holidays.

Fred, a young private detective, is entrusted with an investigation by the Director of the city museum: he has to uncover the 'gang' which has stolen several paintings, very valuable old masters. He needs a group of young detectives to help him solve the puzzles and riddles that provide the clues and will finally lead to catching the villain.

The game can be played indoors or outdoors (garden, house, apartment...). It's up to you to decide where to hide the clues depending on where the detective mystery is being held. The game begins by reading the introduction to the children. From clue to clue, hiding place to hiding place, the children have to solve all the puzzles to solve the mystery. 
You want to use up a bit more of the children's energy, test their memory skills, see how discreet they can be? A series of (optional) challenges are provided which can be played in between certain clues and make the game even more fun!

Game language: English
Game format: detective mystery
Average time to complete the game: 50 minutes
For children aged: 7-8 years
Audience: mixed, boys, girls
Number of players: can be played by two teams, unlimited number of players.

The documents are supplied in PDF format (20 pages approx.)
To be printed before starting the game: clues, initial history, organization sheets, certificates.

In the "Advice" section of our website, you will find all the information, tips and ideas you need to organize this ready-to-print game successfully.

You can download the game immediately after payment. You will receive an email explaining all the details. Please note that nothing is sent by post. All our games are documents in PDF format to print at home.

- Veronica: "The kids loved it and the game lasted 1h30!!! we divided them into two teams of four and we added photos of the hiding places, just in case... we were in a park. They had no trouble understanding the clues."
- Laura: "It's a very interesting idea, mixing the clues and the physical challenges works really well."
- Marianne: "The kids really enjoyed it! The overall story is fun, children were sold on it right from the start, it worked really well! I particularly like the idea of everyone working as a team, cooperating rather than competing."
- Catherine: "The kids loved it, the puzzles were just the right level for them."
- Claire: "The kids loved it and I've already recommended the website."
- Christine: "I had a lot of positive feedback from the children who found it different and great fun. I highly recommend your games and the website in general."
- Lucy: "The children thoroughly enjoyed it (my daughter gave you 10/10). I was worried the clues might be too long for the children to read, but they all wanted to read each clue when they found it. Yes I'll definitely recommend your site, the idea's brilliant!"
- Bethany: "The children were between 8 1/2 and exactly 9 years old. I'd chosen the version for 7/8 year-olds to make sure everyone could join in. The clues were just right for their age, neither too simple nor too complicated. So everyone was able to take part and solve the clues. Despite all the excitement, they still managed to keep tabs on the storyline."

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